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Little Oneness 

Nurturing the Future

BABY MASSAGE & YOGA with lauren lilli-Anne 

Our Story 

Little Oneness is a heart centered small business. The aim is to empower parents from conception leading into those early days and beyond. I am dedicated to providing a supportive space for parents to connect, learn and grow.


"We are born of love. Love is our mother." Rumi

Becoming a parent at anytime can be isolating and a little scary, even for the most experienced of us. Little Oneness was born in order to offer nurturing support and knowledge to all parents.


By coming together we aim to tackle some of that isolation and create community bonds that last a life time.

We believe relaxed happy parents create relaxed happy babies.

It Takes a village ..........Find your Tribe........

We offer group classes of baby massage and baby yoga as well as 1;1 sessions at either your place or ours. Our free social events, meet ups, coffee mornings and love creates love groups are taking place regularly.

keep your eyes peeled for the next meet up near you!


All our services are heavily science backed and our holistic approach comes from age old traditions and instinctive parenting.


It is my  belief that YOU are the expert on YOUR baby.

Baby Massage and baby Yoga have many magical benefits for parent and child and our community.

All classes are fun, informal and most importantly baby led.


As your instructor and a mother of two myself, I understand how exciting & (a little daunting) a new class can be. My job is to make sure you are comfortable, relaxed and enjoying time spent with your little one during class.


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Home Visits

I can arrange home visits for 1:1 or small group classes. Juggling everyday life with a new baby can be stressful, home visits can be a convenient way to learn baby massage in the comfort of your surroundings. Have friends that want to learn baby massage too ? I can teach small group classes just for you  !  

Group Baby Massage

Come along and learn baby massage within a small group . Classes will  be taking place in the Holland on sea and the Frinton triangle. Join in and spend quality time with your baby whilst meeting new friends and learning the invaluable skill of baby massage.  After class cake is on offer :)    

Love Creates Love 

Coming soon Love creates Love drop in sessions. You are invited to join me in celebrating parents in your community. Lets spread a little love     



We Loved it !! It is helping with bedtime.

Thank you so much !!!

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