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What is Baby Yoga ?

The class where your BABY does the yoga


The Benefits of baby yoga

Baby yoga is an ancient tradition often practiced alongside baby massage. It has been passed down through the generations and resulted in the baby yoga we practice today. This baby yoga and its many benefits for mothers, fathers and babies has now been widely recognised by modern science. Baby yoga has many wonderful benefits for parents and babies these benefits can be split into four main categories.

The first of these is bonding

There are 5 key concepts of bonding lets say your 5 a day. If you have all 5 of these things with your baby then you are supporting and encouraging lifelong bonds with your baby. These bonds support your baby’s close relationships throughout life and are the foundations for happy secure adults.

Eye contact ( eye contact with your baby helps them feel secure, loved and valued)

Smell ( Your scent is a key component is the bonding process)

Touch ( a baby's first language and the most developed sense at birth)

Sound of voice ( your baby loves to hear the sound of your voice)

Oxytocin ( the love hormone !! is released when we have skin to skin contact and cuddle up)

Baby Yoga incorporates all of these things making it the perfect opportunity to create and build on that loving bond.


Yoga of any kind is at its core relaxation. The definition of most western yoga is asanas (yoga poses/ stretches) breathing techniques and meditation/ relaxation.

Baby yoga encourages relaxation in both parent and baby.  Through play stretches and breathing. This is turn aids sleep and general emotional and physical well being.

Stimulation and development

Baby yoga is fabulous for the development of babies muscles and very importantly their sensory integration. When we use gentle stretches and poses for baby we strengthen muscle tone and aid their muscle development.

Brain development

A new baby's brain is constantly growing and making new connections.

There is a great saying “What FIRES together WIRES together” This saying describes baby brain development. When a baby has a new experience it creates a new pathway in the brain. These pathways build the adult brain, the more experiences a baby has the more the pathways are created.

Baby yoga aims to give baby many positive experiences.

These positive experiences are provided through play such as...  touch, singing and sensory stimulus in streaches swings and dips.

Baby yoga is fun and relaxing for parent and baby. Happy, relaxed parents create happy relaxed babies.


Baby yoga can provide relief from colic and digestive troubles. The stretches  provide gentle comfort and aid digestion. Baby massage strokes are incorporated into baby yoga these can also provide relief from teething pain and congestion.


This magical LOVE hormone is released through skin to skin contact and cuddling and holding your baby close. We do lots of this during baby yoga. Oxytocin can engage feelings of trust,  love and nurturing it reduces stress, helping you feel safe and happy.

love and light Lauren

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